Enriching the student experience
About us

Technology-enhanced learning is a fundamental part of modern education, offering numerous advantages, including flexibility, cost reduction, heightened student engagement, and advanced analytics. The role of the Online Simulation & Immersive Education Group is to promote the development and adoption of digital educational solutions, leverage technology and enrich the student learning experience.

This work is led by our multi-disciplinary team that combines learning design, pedagogy, 3D design, XR, UI design, video/audio production and web development skills.

By bringing these skills together within a unified team, we are able to stimulate a culture of creativity among both faculty and students and provide an agile response to their ideas. This approach results in tailor-made, scalable learning solutions that enhance the learning and teaching experience offered by the Faculty.

Our focus

OSIME has a long history of developing immersive virtual patient simulations. Educational simulations offer a unique advantage by bridging the gap between theory and practical application.

Simulations augment more traditional teaching methods by providing flexible, context rich, authentic and learner centred skills development opportunities. They help learners to develop their observation, analytic, diagnostic, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

We have consistently produced effective learning and teaching materials across the health related courses within the faculty and this remains our primary focus.

More information on our services and projects can be found in the What we do section.

How we work

Our development process begins by understanding your learning and teaching objectives and engaging in a discussion about your goals. We will explore your ideas regarding the integration of technology-enhanced learning into your programme and the anticipated benefits.

Following this we draft a comprehensive design specification, outlining the project’s scope, technologies and milestones.

As our Subject Matter Expert, your collaboration with us will be pivotal in defining the content and pedagogical aspects of the final solution.

If you have an idea for a digital learning solution and would like to explore it further, please get in touch.

Our team

Nigel Wynne

As head of the OSIME Group, Nigel leads on a wide variety of TEL initiatives and actively promotes the integration of technology within teaching programmes.

Paul Hammond

Leading on the development of our interactive digital solutions, Paul leverages his expertise to shape bespoke educational learning experiences.

Timothy Marquis

A versatile and experienced developer, Tim creates engaging interactive learning resources, combining expertise and innovative technologies for effective solutions.